Looking For More Friends?

Need Motivation?

Want Strategies For Living

Your Best Life?


Open the Lid has 

Tools and Community 
for Everyone.

Classes Available 5 Days a Week!

Learn What Open the Lid has to Offer:

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"I can’t recommend these classes/groups enough! They have saved my Mattison from social regression and allowed him opportunities to make some real friends. Hats off to Lydia and Open the Lid!"


Robin, Mom of a student

If You Want...

  • Quality friends and connections
  • Fun activities
  • Simple tools with practice and support
  • A sense of purpose and meaning
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...Then Open the Lid's Classes are Here to Help!

Inclusive Classes + Bonus Self-Paced Lessons

     Our Students:
  • Make friends with non-family members
  • Research and develop a broader range of interests
  • Learn to deal with conflict and disappointment
  • Gain daily peer support and accountability for short and long term goals through engaging games, conversations and group routines
  • Communicate more effectively 

Join Our Live Online Classes  

Group Classes 2x/week 
Bonus/Make-up Classes 3x/week

Make meaningful connections while learning :

  • Simple tools for navigating community and problem solving.
  • Building short-term goals.
  • Research
  • Self regulation
  • Conflict management
  • Communication strategies (verbal/non-verbal/AAC).
  • How to create long term goals and follow through with short term steps.
  • How to move your body, participate in games & find joy!


  • Self-Paced Workbook
  • Videos for Each Lesson

"Our entire family benefited from Open the Lid, which helped us to find a deeper understanding of each other and put in place solutions for a more balanced life. "

Margaret, Mom of a teenager 

"Open the Lid has made such a difference in my life, and our lives as a family. I don't know where we would be today without it.”

Meghan, Mom of a son with Cerebral palsy 

Why Open the Lid?

Everyone needs a sense of belonging and stability.  When therapies, classes, and social events are uncertain, Open the Lid is a constant.

Open the Lid is an inclusive, supportive community accessible every weekday. We are here for each other regardless of illness, weather, or transportation limitations. 

We meet people where they are and move forward together, regardless of our location, age, or abilities. 

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"Lydia has such a gift of engaging people. She is so upbeat and positive and reassuring. Simply-Superhero Lydia style!!!"

Joanie, class member

Group Empowerment Classes



  • Live group classes 2x/week + live bonus/make-up classes 3x/week all focused on integrating tools and techniques for balance and direction
  • Workbooks to support learning
  • Email access to teacher Monday-Friday
  • Bonus: Self-paced video classes

Individual Empowerment Classes


  • Four 1-on-1 classes and Individually tailored lessons with a master educator
  • Workbooks to support learning
  • Text + Email access to teacher Monday-Friday
  • Bonus: Self-paced video classes

Individual Empowerment Add-On


Available to purchase only as an add-on to Group Classes

In addition to the items you receive with your Group Empowerment Classes, you'll also get: 

  • Four 50-minute 1-on-1 classes per month. 
  • Text access to teacher Monday-Friday. 
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(Virtual) Classroom

Whether Group classes, Individual classes or both, the focus is the powerful content and connection in our Live Zoom classes. Students reflect on lessons, ask questions, share breakthroughs, and get input from the group or teacher.

Bonus Support Materials

Understand the concepts more deeply and reinforce new ideas by using the videos and workbooks. 

  • Workbooks act like homework and put new strategies into practice. 
  • Videos accompany the workbook, and make content more accessible to auditory learners. 

"This is a wonderful resource! Lydia has been a critical part of my son's team since he was 10 years old! I highly recommend Open the Lid to anyone who needs support in general, but especially during this isolating time. "

Robin, mom of 17 year old with autism

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Is Open the Lid Worth the Investment?

Our team is uniquely qualified to build and nurture the meaningful community at Open the Lid.

We're able to adjust as the community's needs and interests change using a holistic approach that includes new programming, outside experts, and flexible scheduling.  

If 1-on-1 support would be helpful, the Individual Empowerment Classes allow us to spend time working toward individual goals at an individual pace. 


Email: [email protected]
Call/Text: 607-339-8092

"Lydia is amazingly helpful and compassionate.

Teresa, mom of 5 kids


"Open the Lid is the missing link between home, school, and community.”

Paul, dad of 9 year old son with cerebral palsy

"It all started with Open the Lid...I am so grateful. There are no words.

Lori, mom of 8 kids


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