Transform from Surviving to Thriving with m4-Part System to Create Meaning, Balance, and Organization

Free Webinar for Individuals with Special Needs and their Families


"It all started with Lydia...I am so grateful. There are no words." 
- Lori, Mom of 8 kids
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In Less Than 30 Minutes Learn How To:

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Save Energy and Funding

Prioritize therapies and events that add meaning instead of burnout, resentment, and an empty bank account. 

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Develop Coping Skills

Feel safe and experience peace and energy even when life seems  chaotic and “down time” is a joke.

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Make Consistent Progress

Create a focused plan to avoid anger and confusion when life, school, or a trip to the store does not go as expected.

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"Just watched the webinar and OMG it hit everything... it was very put together and I'm in shock that it seems like you were talking about me and my life."

- Tasha, Mom of teen with special needs

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“Lydia has made such a difference in my life, and our lives as a family. I don't know where we would be today without her.”

- Meghan, Mom of son with Dystonic Cerebral Palsy

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Lydia Dolch

Teacher,Empowerment Coach, and Mom living with SPD

I help to empower people like you with strategies gained from more than two decades of training and teaching neuro-typical and neuro-diverse people from infancy through adulthood. I am also a parent to four children and living with Sensory Processing Disorder.  

Be empowered to live a more meaningful life!

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