Classes and Community for Disabled People and Allies

What is Open the Lid?

We provide Web-based Classes & Community led by master teachers. Our goal is to empower individuals to move from where they are to where they want to be.


Group Classes are at the core of Open the Lid’s community. Like going to the community center, YMCA, mosque, temple, or church, you’ll meet teenagers and adults of all ages from different places, with diverse identities. Our community is a place where everyone learns from each other. 

Each day of the week, we focus on specific skills such as building short term goals, research, self regulation, conflict management embedded with peer support led by master professionals in recreational therapy and special education.

Individual Classes take you from where you are to where you want to be. Students have worked with our teachers to start a YouTube channel, used graphic design to create self regulation posters, create systems to manage finances and paperwork, personal hygiene and safety, relationship dynamics, sex- education and independently navigate new technology to communicate using different channels.

Our highly skilled teachers can help you navigate learning in accessible ways regardless of ability.

"The students in Open the Lid’s group classes celebrate me for exactly who I am. We’ve become close friends"


Workbooks spanning over 38 different lessons cover practical topics ranging from goal setting, public identity, and support to self-regulation, personal care, and Inter-personal empowerment. Each lesson builds on the last and provides specific tools and systems for addressing these areas in your life. Use what is helpful, let go of the rest. 

Videos complement each lesson by highlighting key topics and detailing the techniques that the lessons layout. Great for auditory learners or to watch before or after as an introduction/review. 

Both workbooks and videos are included with your purchase of group or individual classes!


"I was so depressed and alone. Open the Lid gives me a reason to get up in the morning. I am here today because of this group."

Open the Lid Student

Group Empowerment Classes



Live group classes 2x/week + live bonus/make-up classes 3x/week all focused on integrating tool and techniques for balance and direction.

Workbooks to support learning.

Email access to teacher Monday-Friday.

Bonus: Self-paced video classes.  

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Individual Empowerment Classes



Live 1-on-1, 50-minute classes on Zoom 4x/month with a master educator and individually tailored lessons.

Workbooks to support learning.

Email access to teacher Monday-Friday. 

Bonus: Self-paced video classes.


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Individual Empowerment Add-On



In addition to the items you receive with your Group Empowerment Classes, you'll also get: 

Live 1-on-1, 50-minute classes on Zoom 4x/month with a master educator and individually tailored lessons.

Workbooks to support learning.

Email access to teacher Monday-Friday. 

Bonus: Self-paced video classes.

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"This is the first time I have found what I needed. "

Open the Lid Student

Open the Lid! Get out of the box you're stuck in and expand into your most authentic self.

"Super fun! You rock and roll. I feel happy with you. "


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