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Go from Surviving to Thriving with Open the Lid

Open the Lid classes will empower and support you by integrating tools and techniques for balance and direction.
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What is Open the Lid?

Web-based courses and community created by a Certified Special Education Teacher and Coach designed to empower lives with meaning through integration of tools, balance, and direction, regardless of labels or location.

Typical Outcomes:

Meaningful connections with non-family members

Smiling more

More animated

More engaged in activities

Communicating more effectively (verbally or using Augmentative and Alternative Communication).

All Courses Include:

Customizable Curriculum

Professional Support

Dynamic Materials

Online Community

Multi-disciplinary Approach

"I recommend individuals are provided access to additional resources. It is in the best interest of the client and family, which is why services such as those offered by Open the Lid are a community necessity. "

Alison Christiansen
LCSW, Clinical Social Worker at My LA Therapy in California

Open the Lid is NOT:


Occupational Therapy

Physical Therapy

Speech Therapy

Professional Organizer

Communications Specialist

Only for Neurotypical People

Only for Neurodiverse People


a Social Club

a Dance Party

a Dating Coach

a Diet Program 

an Art Class

an Exercise Program

"This is the first time I have found what I needed. "

Open the Lid Participant

Open the Lid! Get out of the box you're stuck in and expand into your best self.

"Super fun! You rock and roll. I feel happy with you. "


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