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  • Re-energized Staff
  • More Efficient Work-Flow
  • Culturally Responsive Tools

Lydia's energy is so positive and wonderful to be around. Her strategies for communicating with different types of personalities came at just the right time for me.  It is something I really need to brush up on, so, Thank you! 

~ Kara

Care Manager from Southern Tier Connect

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Human Fatigue?

We're all feeling it. Open the Lid Workshops provide simple tools for renewed focus.

Disconnected Staff?

Our interactive approach provides the opportunity for authentic collaboration.

Reduced Budget?

Open the Lid offers workshops for your budget. We want to support your critical work!

Choose From Workshops for Caremanagers/Staff Such As:

  • Effective Communication for Different Individual and Family Styles
  • 5 tips for Creating a Sensory Friendly Public Facing Business
  • Supporting Self-Advocates Who Identify as Transgender/Autistic
  • 4 Strategies to Keep the Ball Rolling: Creating and Sustaining Positive Momentum with Goals and Dreams
  • Creating Personalized (and Helpful) Life, Social and Academic Plans Regardless of Age
  • 4 Strategies for Achieving Work/Life Balance (and Avoiding Resentment and Burn Out)
  • What Do I Say Now?… 6 Strategies for Effective Talk and Text
  • Effective Care Management for LQBTQ+ Self-Advocates

Individuals Can Benefit from Workshops Like:

  • Simple Strategies For Connections and Conversations
  • 4 Strategies to Keep the Ball Rolling: Creating and Sustaining Positive Momentum with Goals and Dreams
  • 3 Simple Strategies for Moving Toward the Life You Want to Live After High School
  • How to Find Real Friends and Direction
  • From Head to Toe: 5 Strategies for Taking Care of Your Body
  • How to Live a More Meaningful Life.

Parent/Caregivers Can Benefit from Workshops Like:

  • Creating Personalized (and Helpful) Social and Academic Plans Regardless of Age
  • 3 Part Workshop Series for Incorporating New Foods Regardless of Your Loved One’s Age or Labels
  • Creating and Sustaining Positive Momentum with Goals and Dreams
  • Creative Thinking about Sensory Supports for Any Age
  • 6 Simple Strategies for Navigating Challenging Behavior
  • Advocating for Your Loved Ones (Even if you are Shy or Overwhelmed)
  • 5 Steps to Asking the "Right" Questions to Get the Support You Need

Workshops for All Audiences:

  • The Basics of Racism 
  • 3 Simple Steps to Self-Care
  • 4 Strategies to Keep the Ball Rolling: Creating and Sustaining Progress with Goals and Dreams
  • 11 Strategies for Improved Mental Health
  • Finding Meaningful and Sustainable Direction as a Family
  • Creative Sensory Supports for Any Age
  • Effective Communication for Diverse individual and family styles
  • 6 Strategies for Handling Confusion
  • Journaling Workshop for Teens & Tweens: A Method of Self-Care

Led By:

Lydia Dolch, M.A., Sp. Ed.

Lydia Dolch is an Empowerment Coach and Founder of Open the Lid,
Web-Based, Empowerment Classes and Community. She holds multiple,
New York State professional certifications in teaching.

Lydia has 19 years in the field of exceptional education specializing in
autism and communication challenges,16 years of parenting children
with sensory and language challenges, and 6 years of living with Sensory Processing Disorder after a TBI.

Along with free workshops, private coaching, consulting, and daily virtual classes for disabled people and allies, Lydia is a regularly invited as a dynamic speaker on a wide range of topics to care coordination agencies, public libraries, parent advocacy groups, individual advocacy groups, and the LGBTQIA+ community.

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